Signs that your dog really loves you

There are a ton of ways your dog can show you how much he really loves you. In this post, we summarize five different reasons: 1. Your dog cuddles you after eating It is not a mystery that dogs tend to be motivated primarily by food. Some studies suggest that once your pal has eaten […]

Are dog mouths cleaner than ours?

Maybe you have heard that your dog´s mouth is cleaner than a human mouth. But how true is that? It is a reality that human and dog´s mouth play host to a huge variety of bacteria. Harvard University discovered recently that our mouths do contain lightly more different types of bacteria. If we make a […]

Is it good to coddle your dog?

Sometimes, it may be impossible for us not to coddle our dogs. But when is it bad to coddle? The key is the following: -It is good: Consenting them with things that favor their physical and mental well-being. -It is bad: Consenting them with things that can hurt them.   When is it wrong?   […]

How do I know if my dog is getting enough exercise?

There are many signs that might let you know your little friend is not getting enough exercise. One of them is excessive digging, scratching or destructive chewing.  Also, a persistent whining and barking for attention can be another sign.   How much exercise is necessary? The amount of exercise your dog requires depends basically on […]

Why does your dog lick you?

You arrive home and your dog licks your face to greet you after being separated all day. This is an act quite common in dogs. Dogs are intelligent, loyal and very affectionate animals with those who care for them and give them love. Therefore, they receive you enthusiastically and with its own way of giving […]

How many months is the pregnancy of a dog?

Before talking about pregnancy we must confirm that it exists, that the mating or insemination has been successful. For this, we have numerous pregnancy diagnostic techniques.   Methods of pregnancy diagnosis The diagnosis of gestation in the dog can be based on behavioral, physical, or hormonal changes, or in an exhaustive clinical examination that includes […]

10 Curiosities about dogs (Part II)

So, here are the five missing curiosities about dogs: 6. Your dog can really miss you. They can learn many things such as routines and habits, so they certainly know when it is time for eating, going to the park, etc. Several studies have shown that dogs behave differently when their owners are not at […]

10 Curiosities about dogs (Part I)

Dogs are amazing creatures and an excellent company for human beings. We know that, right? Over the last years, we have discovered great facts about canine species. And probably there are a lot of things to find out!   1- Your dog can be as smart as a two-year-old kid A dog can comprehend around […]

Benefits of having a dog (Part II)


These are other great advantages of getting a dog:   6. You will feel more secure Dogs can be an effective security system, because in addition to alerting you to the presence of strangers with their barking, dogs are also protective with their owners. Surely if you need help, he will be there to protect you. Without any […]

Benefits of having a dog (Part I)


Dogs are great friends and are the pet of choice for many.  But what are the benefits of having a dog at home? How does this pet affect our health? Here is a list of 5 benefits that having a dog gives you, both psychically and in other important aspects of your health and wellbeing. […]