Did you choose to have a dog?


Once you have made the great decision of having a dog, then you are taking a huge compromise to take care of him and be aware of all his needs. So, here are some really relevant aspects you have to consider:


Choose the right dog breed

This is one of the first steps, it is important to decide the perfect dog that matches your lifestyle. If you already have noisy kids at home, a very restless puppy could be too much. But, if you are thinking of a puppy for you and your family to do a lot of exercises, what you need is an unquiet and cheerful dog.


Get ready for your dog

It is advisable to make all the arrangements before bringing your puppy home. This includes buying food specially designed for puppies, food and water dishes, traits, a collar, toys, shampoo, and so on.


The first days

The first days your puppy separates from his mother will be a great shock. Therefore, when you take him home you will have to pay all your attention. If you can take the time to teach him his new home, feed him and play with him, that will help him feel happy and tired before going to sleep.

Start by letting your puppy smell everything and then show him his bed. Put a blanket from his old bed that smells like his mother on your puppy’s bed. Then let him explore his new surroundings at the pace he wants.

If you have small children, it is easy for them to want to play with the puppy all the time and to tire him out excessively. You must impose the norm of never waking up the puppy. Unlike babies, puppies know when they need to sleep, so once your puppy falls asleep, do not bother him.


Start teaching him to do his needs outside the house

Do not get angry with your puppy if he pees on the carpet; you could make him feel insecure. Try leaving many sheets of newspaper or special mats for puppies and take him out every half an hour and after every meal. Reward him with many compliments every time he does his needs where it should be.


Give your dog time to adapt

Try and let him get used to being alone. During the first few nights, the puppy is likely to be restless and cry when left alone. A bottle of hot water and a ticking clock wrapped in a blanket can reassure him a lot. But do not worry too much – soon he will feel at home.