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Benefits of having a dog (Part II)

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These are other great advantages of getting a dog: 6. You will feel more secure Dogs can be an effective security system, because in addition to alerting you to the presence of strangers with their barking, dogs are also protective with their owners. Surely if you need help, he will be there to protect you. Without any doubt, […]

Benefits of having a dog (Part I)

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Dogs are great friends and are the pet of choice for many.  But what are the benefits of having a dog at home? How does this pet affect our health? Here is a list of 5 benefits that having a dog gives you, both psychically and in other important aspects of your health and wellbeing. […]

The science behing the tender look of a puppy

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The pleading look of a dog, with wide eyes, is especially tender. In a new study, researchers in Britain monitored the facial expressions of the dogs -particularly the muscle that lifts the inside of the eyebrows and makes their eyes appear bigger- while a person was paying attention to them and when they ignored them […]

Did you choose to have a dog?

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Once you have made this great decision, then you are taking a huge compromise to take care of him and be aware of all his needs. So, here are some really relevant aspects you have to consider: Choose the right breed for you and your family This is one of the first steps, it is important to […]

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