The fur is the reflection of the inside of the pet, very often veterinarians can assume diseases through changes in it. Last but not least, the methodical and correct grooming of the dog is a determining factor in the fur. The bath of the dog is an activity necessary to keep in good condition the fur and the general hygiene of the pet.


How often can I bathe my dog?

The frequency of bathing in dogs has always been a controversial issue since some people recommend to carry it out every week, others think that at most every two months.

The reality is that the frequency of the bath will depend on the needs of each dog and each family. There are very clean dogs and some others that get dirty several times in the same day. For instance, pets that live in an apartment may require a closer frequency since even without getting dirty they can have a bad smell in a matter of days.

There are breeds predisposing to the bad smell like a Shar-pei, French bulldog, English bulldog, Mastiffs, just to mention some. There are other dogs that almost have no “dog smell” like Dachshunds or Teckels.

The general recommendation is to bathe them every two or three weeks, always with particular exceptions.
Puppy bathing should begin at the end of their vaccination since it can be a stressful activity that lowers their defenses and exposes them to disease.


Types of shampoo for dogs

The shampoo we use with dogs is a very important point. We recommend to use a shampoo specially designed for dogs since the use of shampoo for human use can cause dryness, despite using anti-dandruff or more vitaminized on the market.

Buddy Wash Original Lavender & Mint Shampoo & Conditioner is formulated with botanical extracts and essential oils for lasting freshness. 


Soaps and shampoo to prevent flea

These are great products in order to prevent these parasites. However, they are the worst choice if you try to use it on a regular basis. We highly recommend it in case dogs present fleas and under the direction of a veterinarian. They effectively kill fleas that are present during the bath.

Richard’s Organics Flea & Tick Shampoo is specially designed to kill fleas and ticks while repelling mosquitos!


Specific conditions

There are medicated soaps and shampoos specifically for problems in particular that greatly help faster recovery from injury, itching, dryness, fungus, etc. These medications are indicated according to each case by the veterinarian.

Vet’s Best Allergy Itch Relief Dog Shampoo is an excellent option for dogs with itchy skin due to allergies or sensitive skin.

Read about itching here.

Skout’s Honor Probiotic Lavender Pet Shampoo and Conditioner help your pet’s skin and coat health by fighting shedding, dryness, itching, hot spots and odor.

Davis Miconazole Shampoo is really helpful to relieve symptoms of fungal infections.


What about rinse and drying?

The rinse should be done very abundantly with warm water, since the accumulation of soap, including puppy, can also cause dryness.

Preferably drying should be done with dry towels intended for each breed, in case of using air drying (dryer) warm air should be used to avoid burns.


Tips for bathing your dog

-Never bathe puppies until they complete their vaccination card.
-Use a shampoo specifically designed for dogs.
-Do not use flea soap unless your pet has fleas and has been recommended by a veterinarian.
-The bath, in general, should be performed every two or three weeks, except in special cases and as directed by your vet.
-The rinse is very important, do not skimp the water since with the double coat of the dogs, it is difficult to remove the soap.
-Drying should be done with towels, the sun and if you use a dryer, warm air.
-In the case of presenting skin problems, the veterinarian will recommend specific shampoos for each problem.
-For any questions visit your veterinarian.


Small  bathtubs

The bathtub can be too big for a puppy. Why not use a site similar in size to yours, like a sink?


dog bath


Water at 39 ºC

The bathwater must be warm: with a temperature that is around 39°C, similar to the dog´s body. Use warm water all the time, the hoses are no longer fashionable.



Transforming the bathroom area into a play area can be a good idea to inspire confidence in the puppy. And use some of his toys and rubber dolls during the toilet will provide a pleasant feeling.


Dry baths when it’s cold

When the dog is very small, there are times when avoiding water and soap can be a good idea. In the market, there are preparations that allow dry baths for canine pups. These products are applied to the fur of the animal, they are allowed to act according to the indications and they are eliminated through brushing. In winter, when the outside temperature is low, dry baths seem a good alternative to try to minimize the chances of the puppy acquiring distemper.

Pet Head Dry Clean Spray Shampoo provides a fast and convenient way to clean your dog, all without water!