dog bathVeterinarians say It is advisable to avoid bathing the puppy before finishing the vaccines.

If you dry him well, with the help of a towel and a dryer (30 centimeters from the body of the dog, to prevent the skin from suffering burns) there should be no problems.

Tips for bathing a puppy
The bath can be a bad experience for the puppy that experiences it for the first time. It is not uncommon for his legs to slip on the bottom of the bathtub or the pile in contact with the soap, which causes helplessness and anxiety in the puppy. Bathtime, however, should not become an agonizing moment. Keeping in mind some tips can transform the canine bath into a pleasant habit for the animal, but also for its owner.

Small  bathtubs
The bathtub can be too big for a puppy. Why not use a site similar in size to yours, like a sink?

Water at 39 ºC
The bath water must be hot: with a temperature that is around 39°C, similar to the dog´s body.

Transforming the bathroom area into a play area can be a good idea to inspire confidence in the puppy. And use some of his toys and rubber dolls during the toilet will provide a pleasant feeling.

Dry baths when it’s cold
When the dog is very small, there are times when avoiding water and soap can be a good idea. In the market, there are preparations that allow dry baths for canine pups. These products are applied to the fur of the animal, they are allowed to act according to the indications and they are eliminated through brushing. In winter, when the outside temperature is low, dry baths seem a good alternative to try to minimize the chances of the puppy acquiring distemper.

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