Benefits of having a dog (Part II)

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These are other great advantages of getting a dog:

6. You will feel more secure
Dogs can be an effective security system, because in addition to alerting you to the presence of strangers with their barking, dogs are also protective with their owners. Surely if you need help, he will be there to protect you. Without any doubt, the dogs increase your sense of security.

7. It makes you happier
Dogs are a perfect company because they are there for us in good and bad times. In fact, loneliness can increase the risk of death and dogs will not leave you alone.
Researchers have shown that dog-keepers tend to suffer less depression, as being in the care of these animals provides valuable companionship and helps people to be more positive.

8. It makes you resistant to allergies
Although dogs can be the worst nightmare for those who are allergic to these pets, growing up in a house with dogs helps children to develop fewer allergies throughout their lives.

9. They entertain you
Dogs can be very funny and can make you have great moments. In fact, already at an early age, children enjoy the company of these pets.
As we get older, having a partner with whom to go for a walk on the beach, to run or just to play a little with the ball, it entertains us and allows us to spend great moments with him.

10. It makes you responsible
Having a dog is a big responsibility. Therefore, having a dog as a pet can make you learn great lessons in life. You have to feed them, get them out to do their needs, need to be educated, etc.
Having a dog requires discipline, motivation and also requires proper economic management. Unfortunately, there are people who buy one because of a whim and then realize that a dog needs to be taken care of.

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