There are a ton of breeds you can choose from! The important thing is to pick the perfect one for you and your family. These dog breeds could be classified into the following groups:

Shepherd dogs


The breeds that make up this group share a special characteristic, and that is to shepherd. This quality allows them to monitor, guide and protect flocks. They are of great help to the shepherds and cattle ranchers. The dogs belonging to this group possess a special ability in the handling of sheep and cattle. There are other fields in which some breeds of this group stand out, such as guides for the disabled, on guard and protection, detecting drugs, carrying out rescues in disaster areas, but also as companion dogs.

Pinscher dogs


This group is made up of breeds in which the predominant instinct and characteristics make them excellent guardians and magnificent defenders.
Some of these breeds are called molossoids because their ancient ancestors come from Molossia, the city of Epirus. Within this group it can be mentioned the mastiffs, bulldogs, etc, they are dogs with specific characteristics as described by the name of the group.
There are also breeds that, in addition to their main function, have demonstrated aptitudes such as lifeguards, rescue, and substance detection.

Terrier dogs


In this group, we find the breeds that by their nature have a rough, courageous and determined temperament. No matter their size, they do not fall back in a fight. They are magnificent exterminators of pests such as rodents. They require a lot of exercises. Despite their way of being, some of these breeds are excellent companions.


Teckle dogs

DachshundsThis is the smallest group of all since it only covers the different varieties of Dachshunds. The characteristics of all of them is very special due to its origins as badger hunter -which gives the name to the breed- that allows them to enter in burrows to take the prey out of hiding. Nowadays, although in some places they are still used as hunters, they have mostly become companion dogs, since they are very intelligent, companions and kind.

Spitz dogs


This group is composed by dogs called spitz type or “sharp snout”. A lot of them come from the Nordic countries. They are used for sledding, guard, protection, and shepherd.
They also make up this group of dogs of primitive type, which owe this denomination to the fact that they seem less evolved since they have special characteristics that make them such as the basenjis or the xoloitzcuintles.

Hound dogs


These are dogs that specialize in following the trail of a prey with its nose stuck to the ground. After they have located their objective they corral it.
The breeds that belong to this group have a very refined sense of smell. Due to this valuable quality, they are currently used for hunting, in the detection of substances and food, chasing fugitives when there is difficulty in following the visual trail. They are good companions, which means that they are also used for that purpose, and thanks to their powerful bark they serve as alarm dogs.

Water dogs

labrador retriever

The breeds of this group have the softest bite of all and are swimmers par excellence, therefore they are ideal for collecting preys without damaging them, which is why they are highly appreciated and used by hunters, mainly amateurs feather to prey hunting.
Their acute intelligence, balanced temperament, great docility and ease of learning, make that some of the breeds of this group are currently very valuable as guide dogs for the blind and paraplegic. They are also used as detectors and companion dogs for people of any age.

Companion dogs


This group is characterized by including in it all breeds developed by man exclusively for company. Interestingly, some of the breeds are exact replicas of others of greater scope. Thanks to their sharp barking some are used as alarm dogs.

Whippet dogs


The composition of this group is made by the most elegant and “aristocratic” dogs of the dog breeds. They are tall with long limbs, which makes them very fast and thus hunt their prey, this feature makes them breeds that require a lot of space so that they can exercise and burn energy. They manifest a disdainful attitude, which it is really a reserve towards strangers. At present, its main function is that of companion dogs.

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