dogĀ“s poopConstipation is the difficulty to evacuate the stool, which means its accumulation in the digestive system. Since the body needs to expel waste every day, it is considered constipation after 2-4 days without stool.
If your puppy is very small, he will need constant heat to evacuate, since they are usually accustomed to the mother’s body heat. He must be fed with specific products and have fresh water all the time. Also, it is necessary to stimulate his belly, anus and genitals with a cloth or cotton moistened in warm water.
The type of diet is another common cause of constipation: poor fiber foods, not drinking enough water, etc. This can be corrected by changing the inadequate puppy’s food to one adapted to his needs.
There may also be constipation in puppies if there is an inflammation of the digestive tract and when they suffer back or pelvic pain.
The lack of exercise also causes constipation, as well as objects that have been ingested and that are causing an obstruction.
Other problems, such as neurological problems, can be very serious. Therefore, it is very important to consult a veterinarian after 2-3 days of constipation.

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