One of the biggest health problems that a puppy can face is the invasion of parasites in his body. The parasites can cause serious problems in the digestive system of the dog and even affect the growth of the puppy. It is important to know at what age you can deworm dogs to lead a healthy life without becoming infected or spreading infections.
Dogs must be dewormed when they are puppies, due to the fact that since they are born they have parasites transmitted by their mother. At the time of deworming a puppy, it will be taken into account the time of lactation, their age, and their weight and size.


Why should we deworm dogs?

dog in a blanketYour lovely puppy is a candidate to canine diseases if you do not deworm him. In addition, by treating our dog we avoid possible infections between humans, especially children. Parasites can affect the effectiveness of vaccines by leaving the dog exposed to more serious diseases.

The recommended age for deworming a dog for the first time ranges from 21 to 30 days. This operation needs to repeat every 15 days until your puppy is 2 months old.

At 2 months, you have to deworm puppies depending on their weight. This process will be carried out every three months until the year.
From here the veterinarian will set a deworming calendar that must be followed throughout his life. This control varies between one and three months, depending on the conditions in which the animal is exposed to parasites.


Internal deworming

It attacks gastrointestinal parasites. You have to apply drops when he is a puppy, and pills when the dog grows. This type of deworming acts on the internal organs of the animal. We avoid diseases that can cause serious problems in the dog.
In the case of puppies with many parasites, they can suffer severe diarrhea, nutritional deficiencies, and nervousness, so quick action can help our dog to not suffer more serious problems.


External deworming

This attacks fleas or ticks. We can use it as a measure of shock or prevention means. It is applied by pipettes, collars or externally with drops on the skin.
It is advisable to deworm externally after two months, at this time the dog has developed his immune system and the product fulfills its function.