groomingThe complete hygiene of a dog implies routine habits of hygiene: bathing, brushing and attending to the cleaning of the teeth or the ears are fundamental parts of a dog’s hygiene, which ensure his health and that of the people with whom he lives.

At home, it is convenient to incorporate the cleaning of the dog as part of a routine.

To achieve this, simple tips are enough:



-The daily brushing of the dog keeps the skin and fur of our pet healthy and dirt- free. 

-A city dog may need one bath a month (if it has long hair) or one every two or three months (if it is short-haired). 

-Proper dental hygiene, performed twice a week, prevents bad breath in the dog while preventing possible infections. 

-A proper eye cleaning with the help of gauze soaked in saline.

-The ears of the dog are a very sensitive area: there are cleaning products that help to eliminate the wax. 

-A long-eared dog usually needs ears cleaning once a week. A short-eared dog may need two per month.

-In case of any doubt or problem that may arise, an early visit to the veterinarian is the most recommended.