itching dog

The fall arrives and in all the veterinary centers they will notice a rebound of the consultations for the same reason: itching and allergies. In this season of the year, there is a peak of affectation of this problem in dogs.

Itching or pruritus is one of the most frequent reasons for visiting the veterinarian’s office. And, for that reason, it is one of the biggest worries for dog owners.

If your puppy scratches a lot or excessively licks some area in particular, he may have a skin problem.

Observe if he has irritation, crusting, scaling, black or white spots, dry skin, dandruff, any lumps or inflamed areas.

This may be a sign of skin infections or dermatitis in puppies. If you see something of this, consult the veterinarian. The professional will tell you if it is a skin pathology or an allergic reaction, whose origin can be external or internal.


External causes of itching in puppies:

Puppy allergies of external origin may be due to contact with irritants (such as cleaning products, wool and sprays) or particles in the air (such as pollen, dust or mold). Other frequent causes are external parasites, for example, fleas in a puppy will cause intense itching. Also, ringworm (microscopic fungi) produces itching.


Internal causes of itching in puppies:

The most frequent is the adverse reaction to food. It is caused by an allergic reaction of the immune system of the puppy against harmless proteins present in food. In addition to intense itching, it can also cause diarrhea and vomiting.


What to do if the dog scratches too much?

We must go to the veterinarian because it will be the reflection of a problem that is necessary to diagnose and treat properly. In addition, it is advisable not to delay the visit because due to the scratching self-inflicting skin lesions that progressively get worse and accentuate the itching, entering into a vicious circle that is necessary to end.