Lack of appetite

lack of appetiteWhen a puppy stops eating (anorexia) or eats significantly less than usual (hyporexia), it may be due to external or internal causes.

External causes: Alterations in his routines, changes in his diet or intoxication can cause loss of appetite.
Internal causes: There are diseases of the puppy that make him lose his appetite and even stop eating. Consult the veterinarian.


When a puppy stops drinking it increases the risk of dehydration, which in extreme cases puts the puppy’s life at risk. Dehydration of the puppy is more frequent than you imagine and can cause very serious damage. These are some of the reasons why the puppy may not drink:

-The drinker is made of plastic, which can give a certain smell and taste that he may not like; replace it with stainless steel or ceramic.

-The water is dirty or not very recent: your puppy prefers clean, fresh water; if it is not like this, it is possible that he rejects it. Change it often, much more when it’s hot, and keep the drinking fountain very clean.

-The sprue is not suitable: in addition to the material, it is also important that the sprue has the proper depth and size for each puppy.

Puppies need to drink when they are thirsty, so they should not miss any water. If you see that your puppy does not want to drink water for a long time, especially after playing or eating, take him to the vet.