Overweight and obesity

fattyToday, overweight is a canine disease that is on the rise. It is considered that a puppy is overweight when its ideal weight is exceeded by 15% and that it is obese when it is above 30%.




Both overweight and obesity in dogs are growing problems. The lack of exercise, an inappropriate diet and the confusion of some owners who interpret food as a way of giving affection to their dogs are the main causes of this problem.

1- Inappropriate diet:

An inappropriate diet, which contains an excess of calories, or gives our dog an excessive amount of food is what causes the increased weight gain that results in overweight or obesity.
On the other hand, remember that hypercaloric prizes (the typical treats for dogs) also favor overweight. Choose healthy prizes or choose to reward your dog with a game instead of food, for example.


2- Lack of exercise:

The sedentary life of some domestic dogs favors the accumulation of fat. Remember that your dog needs to exercise daily. Adapt it to your age and your condition and keep a constant routine of walks, etc.


3- Organic causes:

There are diseases that affect digestion and the way in which the dog’s organism metabolizes nutrients. If you notice a considerable weight gain in your dog without apparent cause, consult your veterinarian.


4- Castration:

Research suggests that castrated female dogs eat more and gain more weight than non-castrated ones if they are allowed free access to food (in male dogs, this claim is not proven). However, we must not forget that, through diet and exercise, obesity is controllable.



The excessive or abnormal accumulation of fat poses a risk to the health of any dog ​​because it produces changes in its metabolism and favors the appearance of pathologies such as:

-Respiratory diseases
-Articular diseases

But the most serious consequence of overweight in dogs and canine obesity is precisely the reduction in longevity that is associated with all these diseases.

If your puppy is overweight or obese, take him to the vet for professional advice.