pawsIt is very important to take care of our dog’s paws. It is obvious that they are made to walk, but did you know that they are also to protect them? They provide extra cushioning to help protect his bones and joints from bumps, insulation against extreme weather, help to walk on rough terrain and protect the deep tissue of the paw. With all the functions they have, it is not surprising that many times the pads and paws of your pet have some kind of anomaly. Therefore it is essential to protect them.



Take care of your dog’s nails: A basic rule is that your pet’s nails touch the ground because if they are too long they can cause some problems. It is best to consult your veterinarian about what types of nail clippers are best for your dog and how you should use them correctly.

Cutout: Cutting the hair that is on the pad is something you should not stop doing. Do it regularly. First, you must comb the hair and then trim it.

Clean his pads: In them, strange objects can be trapped. That’s why he regularly checks that there are no small pieces of broken glass and other things between his fingers. If you have to eliminate an annoying element use a pair of tweezers and do this work in an area where you have a lot of light so that you make sure you have extracted everything that bothered him.

Moisturize: The pads of a dog can get to crack and dry with great ease. Ask your veterinarian for a good moisturizer for pads and use it as directed.

Deep massage: As it happens with humans, a massage on your dogĀ“s paws would do him no harm as it will relax. Start by massaging his pads and then continue with the rest of his paw. Without a doubt, your dog will thank you.