Teeth Care

teethBeing attentive to taking care of your puppy’s teeth is very important. Having a dental hygiene plan prevents your dog from getting a bad breath and allows your little friend to have proper dental health.
In addition, it helps you to keep each of his teeth and, of course, it could reduce visits to the veterinarian.


First weeks

A puppy, as you obviously know, is born without teeth, but its development advances rapidly. At 6 or 7 weeks, the small teeth begin to appear. Some, of milk, can be observed a little earlier. 


3 to 8 months

As with babies, puppies lose their teeth gradually. 

At 3 months, some of the incisors of these small begin to fall. You can see when the canine and molar teeth begin to emerge.

-A puppy will keep the “milk teeth” until the age of 4 or 5 months when they begin to lose them.

-From 7 to 8 months, all the puppies’ teeth have been replaced by those of adult dogs. The lovely aroma that perhaps your puppy had, is now replaced by a somewhat annoying breath, which has little to do with his baby teeth.


Adult stage

Occasionally adult dog teeth may come out even if the milk teeth have not fallen off yet. In these cases, veterinarians must remove them. A good opportunity is when the animal is being spayed or neutered.
One of the best ways to prevent dental problems is to get your pet to acquire a precocious habit of dental care, even when they still have their baby teeth. One of the best things you can do is brushing his teeth periodically.
Another good way to complement the oral health of your pet is to feed it with healthy products. A good croquette, dog biscuits and occasionally provide some raw bones is not bad for your animal teeth healthy and bright.
Do not forget that if your dog has healthy teeth you will avoid any kind of disease, such as cavities or bacterial infections, which when entering the bloodstream, usually cause great pain to your pet. Therefore, the more often you brush his teeth, the better. If you do it once a day, it’s fine. But do not lose the frequency.