Urinary infections


A urinary infection is a process caused by microorganisms. They are introduced from the outside to the organism of the animal.

The external agents that usually cause these health complications are – most of the time – bacteria, which enter the canine body through the genitals.

Other frequent urinary problems are:

– Kidney stones: They can cause difficulty and pain when urinating and even the presence of blood in the urine. Some breeds, such as the Dalmatian and the Miniature Schnauzer are especially prone, which is why they have special foods for them since they are puppies.


Cystitis: It can cause blood in the puppy’s urine and increase the amount of urine. Do not worry if your puppy’s urine escapes when you pet him, it is not a sign of urinary disease but a reflex action of the puppies.



Faced with this type of situation, it is normal that we want a fast and effective treatment for our pet. To achieve this goal, the first thing we must do is go to our trusted veterinarian.
Once it is verified that the dog has a urine infection, the veterinarian will prescribe the most specific and effective medication against this health problem. The professional’s suggestions are usually based on an antibiotic and certain anti-inflammatory to relieve pain.
Other parameters must be taken care of by the owner. We talk about food and hydration, transcendental for the recovery of the animal is as soon as possible, as they help clean the urinary system.


How can we prevent urinary infections?

Before curing, the best thing without a doubt is to prevent. For this reason, it is essential to take care of important vital points such as hydration and feeding our pet. Drinking plenty of water a day is one of the main points.

The daily walks should be numerous so that the dog can urinate on several occasions. The fact of retaining the urine inside the organism does not help anything to avoid the urinary infection. Therefore, let your dog do their needs three or four times a day.